Monday, September 29, 2008

Love is...

... dynamic!

What the blazes do you mean "dynamic", you ask! Ah, I will tell you.

Does it mean (a) of or relating to physical force or energy, or (b) marked by usually continuous and productive activity or change, or (c) requiring periodic refreshment of charge in order to retain data? (Courtesy, Merriam-Webster's online dictionary. Gosh, who writes these things - you need a dictionary to interpret what they mean!).

Well, I suppose the second definition comes the closest, since it talks about change. That's what I mean by dynamic - forever changing. Compare the love between new lovers with the love between new spouses with the love between old spouses. Same two people, but the nature of their love changes with time. (Yeah, like you didn't know all that!)

Take a look at that Zee tv ad for some frozen vegetables. This young woman (she's pretty!) asks her mom what is she expecting to get from her husband on valentine's day. Later, she asks her dad what did he bring his wife for valentine's day. Both of them independently give the same answer - शादी के बाद प्यार जताने के तरीके बदल जाते हैं! (For you devanagari challenged people, shaadi ke baad pyaar jatane ke tareeke badal jaate hain. For you hindi challenged people, ways of showing your love change after you get married.) And then the camera zooms into packets of frozen vegetables. Seriously. Umm, I guess they are telling us that he brought packets of frozen vegetables for his wife for valentine's day, right?

Now, that is brilliant. That's exactly what I am going to get for my wife on our next wedding anniversary - frozen vegetables. Yes, I checked the anniversary table. It says that the 14th anniversary is supposed to be "frozen vegetable" anniversary. I swear. Check it yourself if you don't believe me!


Anonymous said...

Like the movie tonight wasn't want to make sure you're dead by doing that?

- Perry the Platypus!

Neha said...

hahahah...u're soooooo dead if u try that :p!

Priya said...

you 100% sure about that one? ;-)

Salil said...

Hi Grean,
There are a lot of ways of committing suicides. There are also numerous reasons why wives killed their husbands.
But I guess this is still 'unique' because nobody committed suicide using frozen vegetables and no wife killed her husband for buying frozen vegetables.
Hope to see you after your anniversary atleast as a 'vegetable' :-)

josephkam said...

Gosh, even I'm not brave enough to try that one. But you inspire me! Someday...I have another 7 years to muster up the courage.

Shalinee said...

Frozen Vegetables !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am sure that will bring you back to the third definition i.e. Requiring periodic refreshment of 'CHARGE' in order to retain data


What's In A Name?! said...

Your blog seems to be have frozen as well! :P