Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Fraternizing With the Enemy

Have you ever wondered why daughter is such a complicated and hard to spell word as opposed to son?

Well, lovable creatures though they are, you can't deny that women are more complicated and difficult than men. That's why!


josephkam said...

This is dangerous territory, my friend. Tread carefully...

Swati Nigam said...

What?? What is this about?? LOL!!! Hmmm...some problem with one of your girl-friends? Because I don't think I or Natasha have done anything....hmmmm.....

*stroking my chin and my two strand beard*

sa said...
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botonica said...

Few lines on grean's blog i read, the read again.
thought to myself, hmmm the bloke's insane.
this can of worms has been pryed open on purpose,
the response to this is going to be wilder than a circus!
Suspicious. this is.
(in yoda speak)..
grean is a wannabe cassanova not a misogynist freak!
Women and daughters complicated and diffecult maybe,
ask him if he'd last without the purple flower and natasha baby..
but then he cares not for this stupid ditty,
for all he reads night and day is Manu smriti!!

much love,
the utterly manly botonica

"Lady Namu" said...

Botanica, ur hilarious....:-)

Grean - for such a post, I must be brutally honest...Botanica's comments make your blog a must read;-)

Ruchi said...

where is this coming from?? you better have a good reason to make such a statement!! And your daughter is not at all complicated!! she is really an angel especially compared to your son!

Crime Master said...

Well, it could also mean - men are not smart enough to understand us! :P