Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Botonica Identity

Who doesn't like to get comments on their blog. After all, it is very satisfying to your ego to know that people are reading all the crap that you so painstakingly wrote. Imagine, they are wasting their precious time just for you! Gladdens the cockles of your heart, whatever they are.

However, if you can't figure out who left the comment for you, doesn't that drive you up the wall? Especially, if you are the second most curious person in the world, like me?

Now, there are some people whose sign in name says nothing about who they are. But that's ok. I, Grean Sleeves, cannot in all honesty complain about that, can I?

But you can usually figure out who they are. Take lostinlondon, for example. How many people do I know who are actually capable of getting lost in London? Umm, ok, never mind.. Lots! But then how many of them are actually in London right now so they can get lost. Just one. So there!

Then there is Supremus. Again, exactly one person who is egotistical elitist enough to call himself Supremus. Or wait.. was that egoistical elite?

Now, who doesn't know Basanti? No need to even ask her ki uska naam kya hai. Akhir jahan Dhanno, wahin Basanti.

Venusallure. Now that is an alluring name, if any. One can only imagine how alluring the woman behind that name must be. Just like Venus. Or again, wait! Maybe its a guy and he thinks he can allure Venus? God forbid. Well, nothing to worry. This venusallure is a woman for sure. Or so she claims!

Rebellion is actually quite an antithesis of her name. She's anything but a rebel. A very gentle, soft-spoken, sentimental person. But the point is, I know who Rebellion is.

But then, there is Botonica. Now, first of all, what kind of a name is that? BotAnica I can understand. But BotOnica? Huh? After all, its BotAny, not BotOny! (Shut up! GreAn is different from GreEn.) Second, who is she? Yes. She. Not he. Why she? Well, since I don't know who it is, why don't I just make a happy assumption that it is a woman. And while I am at it, let me also assume that she's bewitchingly beautiful as well. And friendly. Yes, that is important. After all, what use is a beautiful woman if she's aloof and standoffish? (Okay, don't answer that! And, let me just fantasize, will ya! What's your problem?)

Well, so the mystery remains. All I know about her is that she reads my blog and leaves occasional comments. Other than that, zilch! Sigh!! Lets all call upon Botonica to reveal her true colors. On a count of 3... 1, 2, 3, Botonica, expose yourself! (Er, that didn't come out quite right, did it?)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Poetical Beginning

Anybody who knows me well knows how incompetent I feel around poetry. What can be a better reason than that to start my blog with a poetical composition of my own!! - the one and only so far (and hopefully forever).

This is inspired by and dedicated to an unexpectedly poetically inclined friend. (Who? Whyyyy do you need to know that?)

Crock & Crumb

I sit here and wonder if I am really that dumb
For poetry leaves me feeling rather numb
When I hear it, all I can do is twiddle my thumb
Argh, what a crock has it turned out to be, this maiden poetical crumb!

There! So, shoot me!!